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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Winston Churchill

Seth Robbins, PPM

A veteran of the United States Army and a seasoned executive guided by bedrock principles of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal courage. From leading soldiers to leading others in the office space he has maintained a track record of excellence and a focus on meeting the goals of his organizations while embracing innovation along the way.

He has worked with cutting-edge technology during his time in the military as a leading operator and system administrator of top air defense sensor platforms helping to transition the Army from antiquated sensor technologies into a modern 21st-century battle-ready force. Now his time is spent working within the federal oversight environments to help modernize, improve, and implement solutions that meet the demands of the future economic environments within the global financial markets.

On February 24th of 2022, a war in a European country erupted. With close personal and familial ties to Ukraine and having been in the civilian world for 20 years he laced up his combat boots, rucked up, and went to help his family a week after the war started. He remained in the theatre for 20+ days assisting his family and over 50 other refugee families to safety. Upon his return to the United States, he founded and chairs a non-profit focused on reaching and helping refugees both domestically and globally. 

Seth attended Marylhurst University in Marylhurst Oregon only a hundred miles North of where he grew up and also attended Duquesne University both for business degrees with several minors.

Grant Posner, MBA

Experienced Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping professional with a demonstrated history of working with clients and businesses to obtain accurate, fast, and affordable solutions. Strong in business development and product development carrying a Master’s Degree from Saint Leo University. Owner of 3D Musketeers. Engineer by practice, business professional by schooling.

Ricardo Foster, LCDR, USN (Ret.)

In July 1983, Ricardo arrived in Brooklyn New York from Jamaica, West Indies. In 1990, after completing high school, he enlisted in the United States Navy where, after ten years, he was selected for an officer commissioning program; serving an additional 18 years. In late 2018, Ricardo retired from the U.S. naval service as a Lieutenant Commander, after serving his country with distinction and honor as a naval intelligence officer. He transitioned from military service, and embarked on a career as a real estate investor, military consultant, and entrepreneur.

Ricardo’s entrepreneurial successes involve owning, mentoring and collaborating on fifteen start-up businesses over the span of 28 years. Currently, his day to day activities involve working as a military consultant, directing and managing companies: a national security and homeland defense consulting company and a not-for-profit aviation flying club that focuses on making aviation focused outreach programs more accessible and affordable to socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

Ricardo holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aviation, a Master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies, and is completing his Master’s in Business Administration at Webster University in order to pursue his Doctorate in Business Administration, specialization in National Security and Homeland Defense.

Andrew Adams, esq.
General Counsel

A seasoned senior executive delivering high-quality, strategic legal and business advice. General Counsel and CFO for high-tech companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500's. Substantive experience managing legal and financial departments. 15+ years reporting to and working with C-level executives.

Top advisor to technology companies regarding Global Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR), HIPAA, product development, enterprise software, SaaS, mobile devices, connected devices, and analytics. 

Strong financial leadership experience improving operational efficiency while bringing clarity to financial reporting. Expertise in ERISA, SOX, taxes, investor relations, investment analytics, auditing, M&A, and fundraising.

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